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The first real-life approach to bird identification. Whether you are a beginner, expert, or anywhere in between, The Crossley ID Guide(published by Princeton University Press) will vastly improve your ability to identify birds.

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Great initiatives like the Big Garden Birdwatch (RSPB) plus Project FeederWatch (Cornell) & The Great Backyard Bird Count (Cornell, Audubon and partners) need our support. Download a free PDF of Garden and Feeder birds for both countries here.


Birds and The Brain

I am almost constantly asked why I designed The Crossley ID Guide the way I did – it is different to any other book on many levels. More importantly does this design help you or not?

Scientists and educators have scrutinized the way we learn – some of the best experts in the world have looked at this in depth. Below are some of the findings on the way that we learn and the way in which ‘The Crossley ID Guide’ follows these principles.[…]Read more

American Kestrel behavior from the Raptors Guide 

American Kestrel Poster

The Crossley ID Guide: Eastern Birds – Why books need to be different!

Wild in the City – This is the pitch tape created by Planet Grande for TV

See how this Ruffed Grouse draws blood from Richard

Wild in the City (long version.

YouTube Preview Image